Pacing Thing

If you would like to learn and grow among friends, you have come to the right place. Welcome!

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Language Learning
2 mins daily

"Sharpen the Saw"
2 mins of daily deliberate practice or fundamentals learning


  • Write a song per week for a year
  • Draw daily for 4 weeks
  • Practice tying knots every day
  • Identify a species of bird each day
  • Read a book a month
  • Exercise daily
  • See more examples

Pacing Thing enforces deadlines in a fun way

It's hard to stick with things in isolation – and not very fun. Put the wind at your back with the group dynamics of Pacing Thing.

Here is how:

1. Set up a series of assignments

Use a pre-built series in the catalog or just start entering assignments.

2. Invite friends to join

Two people works. So does 50.


3. Group members submit their work

(ex. upload a photo, text or screenshot evidence)

4. ...but no one can submit after the deadline. If anyone misses too many deadlines, they are automatically removed from the group

You never have to be the bad cop and kick anyone out.

The system removes people because the group dynamics are only motivating if everyone in the group is committed. The only jogging partner who will motivate you to get out of bed at 5AM is the jogging partner who isn't cancelling all the time. If they cancel, you can cancel. But not on Pacing Thing.

It is simple, but it works.

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