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Find Your Life's Task

We're going to discover or rediscover our life's tasks. By the end of January you will have a paragraph that is your personal mission statement. This will become the north star for all of your affairs. If you are looking for focus and meaning in your work, join us.

Duration: One month ‐ Jan 1 to Jan 31, 2023

Time commitment: 5 to 60 minutes per day. You are allowed to miss 8 of the 31 days.

Cost: $34 US // $45 CA

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Electricity 1

A 7-day sprint course to bring you from no understanding to knowing more than almost anyone you meet. Relevant if you want to understand the circuits in your house, wire up some trailer lights or glimpse behind the curtain of reality as we know it. The electric force is one of just a few forces that hold everything in our universe together. A lot of the physical phenomena we observe are electric in some way. This is low hanging fruit for understanding your world, across many domains.

Duration: 7 days – Dates TBA

Time commitment: ~60 minutes per day.

Cost: $34 US // $45 CA

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HTML for Fun & Profit

Make a simple website from scratch. We're going to start with a blank Notepad or TextEdit file, literally a blank white screen in the simplest program. We will type out the simple code to make a website that you can then run in your web browser. No special software needed. Super easy course. If you start without having any knowledge of coding, a shroud is about to be lifted from all the screen stuff you interact with daily. HTML has been around since 1990 and is more relevant today than it's ever been.

Duration: 4 days – Dates TBA

Time commitment: 60 minutes per day, or however much time you want.

Cost: $41 US // $55 CA

The Third Way

"If you haven't wept deeply, you haven't begun to meditate". This is a course about the psychological truths encoded in Buddhist meditation techniques. By the end of this course, you'll have a tool kit that you can go on to use for some of the most difficult challenges you're likely to have as a human. A lot of what you'll learn in this course is impossible to believe without experiencing first hand, and in this course you will.


Knot Tying 1

Learn five knots that will get you through 99% of knot situations. Strap your canoe to your car, tie down a load on a trailer, pull a car out of the ditch, tether yourself to a roof, string up a tarp at your campsite, tie a boat to a dock.


Shooting 3-Pointers

Learn to sink 3-point shots in basketball.


Computer Science – Harvard CS50

There are few skills more useful than computer skills. You are living through the beginning of the computer revolution. No industry or line of work is untouched. This course brings you through the foundations and all the way into making programs. We're going to go through it together. Combine computer science with practically any other skill set and watch your capabilities increase by an amazing exponent. Yes, CS50 is taught at Harvard and Yale. When done, you will have the confidence to say you completed an Ivy League computer science course. It's a great foundation to start working as a coder or be able to communicate well with technical people.


Learn Linux the Hard Way

Fall in love with the macOS or Linux commandline. It takes a little while to get used to, but it's an interface that has remained unchanged for 80 years and is still the best way to use a computer.


Plain Text Accounting

Do your accounting with the beautiful simplicy of plain text. No proprietary file formats that may be unreadable in 10 years and no annoying subscriptions forcing you to have a relationship with a software company. Learning how to use the latest version of QuickBooks is knowledge that will soon become irrelevant as they play with the interface, changing things on you. We want to learn important things once and then build upon that knowledge, rather than have to re-learn at the whim of a software provider.

First we will learning basic accounting principles that will be relevant no matter what technology you are using, anything from a piece of paper to a complicated computer program. Then we will learn how to do this via the commandline with Plain Text Accounting tools.


What Even Is Socialism?

Before you argue on the internet, you must take this course. We'll go through the socialism family tree: Marxism, Maoism, Anarchism, etc. In the process we will clarify our own thinking. Rather than just doing "word thinking", we'll get concrete about what we mean and what we believe. You will learn that the most important response to anyone who uses the word socialism is: What do you mean?


What Even Is Capitalism?

Don't even think of arguing on the internet before you take this course. We'll cover the concept of markets and try to figure out what money is.


Stats Literacy

This is the missing course from the high school curriculum. We just need a bit of literacy to expose how much of modern discourse is nonsense. Beyond wildly improving your BS filter, thinking with stats will also help you make much better decisions in your life and work. We'll learn by example. I promise it will be non-boring or at least if it is boring, it will be quick and benefit you for the rest of your life.

In a nutshell: We will learn how to compare things.


Winning Arguments / Verbal Judo

This course is not about the truth. It is about how people fake the truth. It is how to respond to other people's slight-of-hand or just honest, but clumsy logic. You will learn how to spot common tricks people will use as they try to demolish you in debate so that they can feel superior or just save face. Then we will learn how to respond to them. In the process we will weed out the nasty habits from our own thinking. We are all at risk of worsening public discourse. We must learn the art of Verbal Judo or accept walking through life going through conversation after conversation where the other person *sounds* right, but is not right. It is a basic life skill to know how to recognize bad arguments and skillfully respond.


Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No

This is partly a sales course, but partly a course on how to vastly improve the products or services you are selling in the first place. We'll go through Alex Hormozi's book $500 Million Dollar Offers to learn his method.