The Pacing Thing Philosophy

#1: Curiosity is one of the cornerstones of a meaningful life. Curiosity is cultivated by continuous, intentional learning.

#2: Skill development is the most reliable way to personal security, the wherewithal to take care of others and a fulfilling contribution. If you can, make yourself very useful.

#3: Talents compound. The value of your skill stack is greater than the sum of its parts. Each talent combines with each of the others in a unique way.

#4: You don't have to pay much for education. Learning materials are mostly free and our community is here to help with the rest.

#5: More information is not the solution. If it were, the web would have made us all millionaires with abs.

#6: Willpower is in short supply. Relying on it is a fight against your psychology. Instead, move through life in ways that put the wind at your back.

#7: Life is better with companions on the journey.