Sharpen the Saw

Have the skills to pay the bills

Time commitment: 21 days, any amount of time per day. You are allowed to miss 6 days.

Organized by: lyndon

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Join this group if you know that you need to further develop your skills. Skill development is the bread-and-butter of independence and choice in the kinds of work we do.

Deeper learning is also how we reignite our interest in our current work.

Pick a skill you want to hone. It can be any skill which will help you do what you need to do in the world or simply something you would enjoy learning (this is how we cultivate curiosity, which is essential to life).

Some of us are working through textbooks. Some of us are doing our scales and arpeggios. Some of us are doing online courses. Some of us are working with a coach.

This is the group for deliberate practice:

  • You won't be playing softball in the beer league where you get seven at-bats per game, you'll be at the batting cage where you get seven at-bats per minute.
  • You won't be noodling in the style you always do, you'll be learning fundamentals or new techniques.
  • You won't be doing your woodworking using the dado splints you always use, you'll be exploring joinery systems you don't already know.

It really adds up over time.

Every day ends with a "win" when you do a little skill development, especially when you realize that almost no one does serious skill development outside of school... and for most people, school was a long time ago.