Do you know anyone who would be interested in the following role?

Business development and marketing

This is a combined marketing and business strategy role.

We will work together to move Pacing Thing from a hobby project into a self-sustaining enterprise.

This is a chance to get passive income going for yourself. We will set up a commission structure where you continue to get paid even if you stop working on the project. Let's set up the right incentives and risk-reward balance. I'd like for you to have a chance to win big. Skin in the game is good.

This may be for you if:

If this is up your alley, you could also work on my other start up, Timeline Notation, where I'm looking for someone for an almost identical role. Timeline Notation is already generating passive income and if you can increase revenue, you will get a heavy share in that just like you will with Pacing Thing.

If you are interested, email lyndon@lyndonfroese.com with your pitch! Or ask me questions.