10 Days 10 Portraits: super random portrait challenge

This series is done. Join another one or make your own.

Organizer: Leonore

Duration: Dec 21 to Dec 30, 2020


Welcome to this super random portrait challenge. 
This is a 10 day art challenge with a new subject to be painted, drawn, etc. each day. 
Choose any material to work with, spend any amount of time on each portrait, from 24 seconds up to 24hrs, just make sure to upload a picture before the deadline!

Feel free to invite anyone to join the fun and get creative... 


Pacing Thing automatically removes group members who are not committed. In this group, you are allowed to miss 2 assignments. On strike 3, you are out!



Day 1: Astrid Lindgren

Dec 21 - 11:59PM CST

Day 2: Sophie Führer

Dec 22 - 11:59PM CST

Day 3: Meister Eder (und sein Pumuckl)

Dec 23 - 11:59PM CST

Day 4: Hannah Gadsby

Dec 24 - 11:59PM CST

Day 5: Maha

Dec 25 - 11:59PM CST

Day 6: Everett Hopfner

Dec 26 - 11:59PM CST

Day 7: Mona Chalabi

Dec 27 - 11:59PM CST

Day 8: André Heller

Dec 28 - 11:59PM CST

Day 9: Gabby Rivera

Dec 29 - 11:59PM CST

Day 10: Leonore

Dec 30 - 11:59PM CST