The Skeletal System - Learn by Drawing

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Organizer: lyndon

Duration: Sep 14 to Sep 24, 2020


Welcome! Just follow the instructions in the assignments below.

Feel free to label your diagrams or provide as many different views as you wish. One is totally fine, but you can also do more. The more you draw, the more you will understand and remember.

No need to use the reference images provided. Feel free to find your own.

RULES: You are allowed to miss two deadlines. On the third strike the system automatically removes you from the group.


Pacing Thing automatically removes group members who are not committed. In this group, you are allowed to miss 2 assignments. On strike 3, you are out!



Draw the skull

Sep 15 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the pectoral girdle bones

Sep 16 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the thoracic cage

Sep 17 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the upper limb bones, pt 1: the arms

Sep 18 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the upper limb bones, pt 2: the hands

Sep 19 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the vertebral column

Sep 20 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the pelvic girdle

Sep 21 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the lower limbs, pt 1: the legs

Sep 22 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the lower limbs, pt 2: the feet

Sep 23 - 11:59PM CDT

Draw the entire skeleton

Sep 24 - 11:59PM CDT