Marketing - S3

This series is done. Join another one or make your own.

Organizer: lyndon

Duration: Oct 2 to Oct 22, 2022


Every day do something to put yourself or your product out there.


  • Apply for a job
  • Share your work
  • Post a blog
  • Phone a prospective customer
  • Put up a poster on a lamp post
  • Get feedback
  • Make a shelf out of wood and ask if anyone wants to buy it
  • Draw or paint a picture of a classic GMC motorhome in a style you can do quickly. Post it to the Facebook Group for owners of classic GMC motorhomes. Ask if anyone wants to pay you $100 to make a portrait of their motorhome in the same style.
  • Email a thing you made to 10 people you think might like it. Say “here, I made this”. Then ask them to forward it to anyone they think might like it. If it doesn't spread, try a different sort of 10 people, or make a different thing. Keep doing this until you have a winner.

Report the results of your experiments to the group. The idea is to have your project interacting with the real world in some way that could either lead to more traction or learning something about the market you wish to serve.

This is a classic GMC motorhome.


Pacing Thing automatically removes group members who are not committed. In this group, you are allowed to miss 6 assignments. On strike 7, you are out!



Day 1 - Introduce your project

Oct 2 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 2

Oct 3 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 3

Oct 4 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 4

Oct 5 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 5

Oct 6 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 6

Oct 7 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 7

Oct 8 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 8

Oct 9 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 9

Oct 10 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 10

Oct 11 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 11

Oct 12 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 12

Oct 13 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 13

Oct 14 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 14

Oct 15 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 15

Oct 16 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 16

Oct 17 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 17

Oct 18 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 18

Oct 19 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 19

Oct 20 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 20

Oct 21 - 11:59PM CDT

Day 21

Oct 22 - 11:59PM CDT