Daily Drawing - S9: Amish Paradise

This series is done. Join another one or make your own.

Organizer: lyndon

Duration: Mar 1 to Mar 14, 2022


Draw something inspired by the prompt -- any medium, any skill level.

A great way to work on your drawing skills and explore old fashioned Anabaptist culture as well.

For the uninitiated: Mennonites and Amish are similar or sometimes even the same thing (ie. some Amish call themselves Mennonites and vice versa)


Pacing Thing automatically removes group members who are not committed. In this group, you are allowed to miss 5 assignments. On strike 6, you are out!



1. Draw a plow

Mar 1 - 11:59PM CST

2. Draw a farmer's hat

Mar 2 - 11:59PM CST

3. Draw a sewing machine

Mar 3 - 11:59PM CST

4. Draw a barn raising

Mar 4 - 11:59PM CST

5. Draw a Swartzentruber Amish house

Mar 5 - 11:59PM CST

6. Draw a clothes line

Mar 6 - 11:59PM CST

7. Draw a horse shoe

Mar 7 - 11:59PM CST

8. Draw the best Mennonite food

Mar 8 - 11:59PM CST

9. Draw a buggy

Mar 9 - 11:59PM CST

10. Draw a proper beard

Mar 10 - 11:59PM CST

11. Draw a country road

Mar 11 - 11:59PM CST

12. Draw a scythe

Mar 12 - 11:59PM CST

13. Draw a cow grazing

Mar 13 - 11:59PM CDT

14. Draw the Mennonite Mona Lisa

Mar 14 - 11:59PM CDT