Sharpen the Saw - S10

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Organizer: lyndon

Duration: Jan 5 to Jan 25, 2022


Every day for 21 days spend at least 2 minutes on deliberate practice or learning fundamentals. Examples:

  • You won't play songs on the guitar, you will do your arpeggios or music theory.
  • You won't do carpentry, you will study engineering principles. 
  • You won't play softball with friends, you will be at the batting cage.
  • You won't write more code, you will study computer science. 
  • You won't paint another wall in your house, you will learn about colour theory and design.
  • You won't discuss relationships with friends, you will learn about human nature via evolutionary biology.
  • You won't play chess, you will practice specific situations. 
  • You won't just observe the birds, you will learn about their skeletal structures.

...for at least 2 minutes per day.

Browse the ever-expanding library of Pacing Thing Recipes for guides on how to learn various things (JavaScript, shooting 3-pointers, memorizing song lyrics... etc.):

Deeper learning can be a pain, but deeper knowledge makes life more interesting once acquired. Deliberate practice is not as fun as just getting on with doing things, but it is how you get out of the rut of doing things in the same way you always do. It's hard to find the time to sharpen the saw, but it is a short cut to faster work.

Whatever learning or specific drills will help you with your interests and enrich your life in the long run, that's what we're doing here.


Pacing Thing automatically removes group members who are not committed. In this group, you are allowed to miss 6 assignments. On strike 7, you are out!



Day 1

Jan 5 - 11:59PM CST

Day 2

Jan 6 - 11:59PM CST

Day 3

Jan 7 - 11:59PM CST

Day 4

Jan 8 - 11:59PM CST

Day 5

Jan 9 - 11:59PM CST

Day 6

Jan 10 - 11:59PM CST

Day 7

Jan 11 - 11:59PM CST

Day 8

Jan 12 - 11:59PM CST

Day 9

Jan 13 - 11:59PM CST

Day 10

Jan 14 - 11:59PM CST

Day 11

Jan 15 - 11:59PM CST

Day 12

Jan 16 - 11:59PM CST

Day 13

Jan 17 - 11:59PM CST

Day 14

Jan 18 - 11:59PM CST

Day 15

Jan 19 - 11:59PM CST

Day 16

Jan 20 - 11:59PM CST

Day 17

Jan 21 - 11:59PM CST

Day 18

Jan 22 - 11:59PM CST

Day 19

Jan 23 - 11:59PM CST

Day 20

Jan 24 - 11:59PM CST

Day 21

Jan 25 - 11:59PM CST